We always aim for a high level of support and good quality tuition for our students. Below are some of the comments we have received from referral agencies, students and parents of students.

"I run a charity supporting young homeless people in the old Avon area (Bristol, BANEs, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset) and have been using Hedley Hall’s services for a number of years.

Reports from staff is that the support offered to young people is unrivalled in the area and that Jane Shackleton has a deep understanding of the needs of our client group.  They report that she works sensitively with the young people getting the best from them and that she has a great awareness of the need for a partnership approach.  As such she and the staff liaise around support appropriately and with the best outcomes for young people as the goal.

The service users I have spoken to say the support has been great and has helped rebuild self esteem that has been knocked by previous experience moving them closer to and into employment and training.

I highly recommend the work that is carried out by Hedley Hall." 

Dom Wood
Chief Executive
1625 Independent People

"Hedley Hall have done sterling work with a couple of my clients but the one that sticks in my mind is probably CV.

This particular young person had dropped out of 6th form due to illness and was concerned where she could go from there.  Her illness meant that she was unable to access education say early on the morning if at all.  Hedley Hall were able to offer a flexible timetable to her whilst providing the support she needed to believe that she would be able to progress and there was a future out there for her.

The young person subsequently went on to study art at college and she is still there to this day."

Sarah Cox
Personal Adviser (North Team)
Connexions West

"As a referral agency I have found the service Hedley Hall offer invaluable to young people who for whatever reason aren’t able to access mainstream learning. A number of the unemployed teenagers  Connexions work with really want to improve there English and Maths qualifications to help them be more employable or as a starting point to returning to education and I have found the tuition Jane and Amy provide really boosts their confidence in their abilities and the flexibility in where this can occur is really helpful for students that even leaving the home can be incredibly difficult."

Helen Davies
Personal Adviser (North Team)
Connexions West

 "The young people who accessed the courses were guided through their numeracy and literacy programmes by supportive and approachable staff.
The course was tailored to the needs of the individuals and they proved very successful with a 100% pass rate on all exams taken.
Most of the service users found the college environments intimidating and judgemental, so for them, Hedley Hall provided a unique service for the service users here at KYHP.
it was very useful that someone could actually come out to their home and support them through the work sheets in their own time.

We would recommend the Hedley Hall education courses for young people as a positive and accessible service brought to their homes and suited to their needs."

"I really liked being able to do the numeracy and literacy in my own room, it was more relaxed and I felt calm" Tanya - 18
"The course was not as hard as I thought it would be and Jane was very patient with me" Sonny - 19

Michele Mc Morrow
Hostel Support Worker

"A unique and very much needed service for young people in Bristol

Providing 121 tuition to those with educational support needs in core subjects which are essential to modern day independent living.

Going the extra mile and filling a much needed gap, therefore preventing young people giving up at the first hurdle and encouraging them to persevere."

Billy Edwell
Housing Support Officer
1625 Independent People

"Your intervention with my service user has seen her grow in self esteem and confidence.

Your service has changed the mindset of young people from  “I am a failure” to “ I am a achiever”

The service that Hedley Hall provides should be given every support and resource because it inspires service user’s and support workers and makes us all believe we “can do” rather than we “cannot do”

Through learning young people are given options and the empowerment to make choices for themselves."

Mark Holbrook
Housing Support Officer
1625 Independent People

"A fantastic service that puts the individual young person at the centre of the process, many institutions talk about an individualised programme Hedley Hall actually delivers one."

Mark Whitehead
Personal Advisor (BANES)
Connexions West

"In her capacity as a teacher of literacy and numeracy, Ms Shackleton has been coming to HMP&YOI Ashfield since December 2009.  During this time she has been successful in developing many students to the point where they are able to gain OCR certification in adult literacy and numeracy at the appropriate levels. In so doing, she has provided each of her students with essential skills needed for their re-settlement back into the community.

On a personal note, I have found Ms Shackleton to be both trustworthy and reliable; she also possesses a keen dedication to help students to achieve."

Marcel Celtel
English CTL
HMP & YOI Ashfield

"Avonmouth Community Centre hosted an Introduction to Relaxation course this year in association with Hedley Hall. The centre is keen to promote better health in the area, and this course brought new skills and techniques to benefit local people, their friends and family. There are few adult education opportunities in Avonmouth, with many people unable to travel to other parts of Bristol - so we were delighted that this course was able to offer something for community in the community."

Alv Hurst
Avonmouth Community Centre

"The tutors have shown patience, persistence and kindness to those of my clients whom I have referred to Hedley Hall."

Linda Crosweller
Support Worker
1625 Independent People

From a parent:
"I removed my son from the education system as he was being bullied. For over a year I paid for home tutoring but due to my financial circumstances I was unable to pay any longer. I had a phone call from Connexions who had arranged a meeting with Daniel Kronenberg at Hedley Hall.
He not only has helped my son work with his school work but has given my son the confidence he had lost. Daniel also helped my son enrol in College and he is doing well. "


"I didn’t have a good experience in school and ended up leaving in Year 10 due to moving around to different foster placements.
Recently I decided I wanted to gain some qualifications so I rang the jobcentre who referred me to Amy Lewis. Since then I’ve achieved some certificates and I’m studying for more. After doing work experience with Amy I realised I would like to teach people myself. I then did a home study TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course by myself.
Since working with Amy I’m more confident and realise I wasn’t bad at school I just needed a different approach of teaching."
Allie Burrowes - Student

Hedley Hall, especially Daniel Kronenberg have been a godsend for my son. Without it he would have nothing. Daniel supports my son in such a way, that he is able to go there and feel totally comfortable. My son is Autistic, only diagnosed earlier this year, although he is 17. He has many anxieties, and emotional problems, and Daniel knows just how to be with him to make him feel safe and secrure. My son has grown confidence since attending Hedley Hall, and this mean so very much. I cannot thank them enough for all of the help and support, they are just wonderful.

From a much happier Mum

Dan has provided tuition to our Young People’s Neuro Rehabilitation service for five years with some of our young patients who have had severe brain injuries and an educational aspiration. Education has been a core part of our young people’s rehabilitation and Dan has helped them achieve outcomes from relearning skills in using assistive technology to gaining a certificate of educational attainment in arithmetic. He has been involved in delivering education to patients and training of staff on educationally helpful techniques. He has an excellent combination of tuition skills and rapport building.

Dr Peter Tucker
Clinical Psychologist and Chartered Psychologist 

 Learning and not learning

"I hated school because it was not the right environment for me. It was too many people and my needs weren’t being understood. Hedley Hall has helped me massively. I feel like I’m getting somewhere and being understood. It’s just like having a good friend teach you in the most unique ways."

Jack King (student) – 1st November 2011


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