What is Phono-Graphix® ? 

Phono-Graphix® is a method of reading instruction developed in 1993 by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuiness at ReadAmerica, Florida. It has been shown in clinical trials to have a superb success rate in remediating reading difficulties.

The Phono-Graphix® reading method has been proven 98% effective at addressing reading problems at any age or ability level. Phono-Graphix® is research-based, developmentally appropriate, simple, concrete, powerful, and affordable.

Phono-Graphix® is remarkably straightforward and sensible, encouraging its popularity among teachers and parents since 1993. It has been successfully utilized in classrooms, clinics, bilingual and ESL programs, Waldorf and Montessori schools, pre-schools, home-schools, speech and language pathology practices, volunteer literacy projects and adult literacy programs. 

At Hedley Hall Training we have qualified staff who were trained by The Phono-Graphix® Reading Company based in California. Our tutor Daniel Kronenberg holds a Certificate in teaching Phono-Graphix®and has Professional membership in the Association of Phono-Graphix® Reading Therapists.

Phono-Graphix® is not only recognised by Ofsted and Education Authorities, it is praised for its effectiveness: 

"The innovative Phono-Graphix® method demystifies phonics by throwing out the rules and re-emphasising the nature of the code-sound to symbol. Phono-Graphix® emphasises the representation of the sound as the children actually hear it. The progress for language and literacy is outstanding." -Ofsted 

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Whether you are a teacher, a concerned parent, a teenager or adult struggling to read and write do get in touch to see if Phono-Graphix®  Is right for you. 

Daniel Kronenberg 07791 849372 


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