On the 29th October 2013 members of SWALLOW’s Work Skills Enterprise Scheme received their certificates for completing and passing an Asdan Community Volunteering Qualification from Daniel Kronenberg from Hedley Hall Training, Bath.  SWALLOW is a local charity supporting people with learning disabilities and through the Works Skills Enterprise Scheme charity members gain experience and skills to prepare them for employment.   

The C.V.Q. Units of work focus on gaining a better understanding of businesses and include learning about health and safety for employers, environmental awareness, teamwork and improving performance.

The members-Dan, Zyolela, Craig, Michael, Sarah, Laura, Josephine and Leanne all received tuition from Daniel on their fortnightly trips to Hedley Hall between January and July this year.  All the members expressed how much they had enjoyed the course.  One member Dan said “I found Daniel Kronenberg, the tutor from Hedley Hall to be a lovely kind man.  He helped me do all the work to pass my C.V.Q. and it helped me to gain confidence and achieve my goal of being more independent.  I am very hardworking, creative, organized and I want to go on to get paid employment.”

 If you would like more information about SWALLOW’s work please contact SWALLOW on 01761 414 034 or at info@swallowcharity.org or visit www.swallowcharity.org