This is Hedley Hall

We want to raise the motivation, aspiration and skills of disengaged people through an approach that is focussed on individual needs/interests and provides a flexible, relevant and supported pathway to re-engagement with work and learning.

Our contract with each person will be to support them throughout this process and beyond and to demonstrate how timely intervention and support can bring quantifiable advantage to both individual and community.

Key principles - we will work in a way that is:
  • Flexible
  • Responsive and relevant
  • Determined
  • Progressive
  • Supportive
  • Creative

Our Values - we will:
  • Recognise that each person is an individual and respect them
  • Listen and respond to people's views
  • Respect confidentiality within the law
  • Promote mutual trust
  • Challenge discrimination and stereotyping
  • Listen to feedback and try to improve the service we offer

We work with particular dispossessed groups including people who are:

  • are recovering from mental health problems
  • are struggling with drink and drug dependency
  • have a history of broken education
  • are homeless
  • are offenders or ex-offenders
  • young people not in education employment or training or at risk of becoming so



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